My Dissertation and Thesis

My Final Year Physics Project was on “Local Perturbation on Thermal Neutron Fields”. Here I wrote a TURBO Pascal program to simulate the behaviour of neutron flux under local perturbation.

My Final Year Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Programming and Microprocessor Applications was on “The Design of An Alarm Clock Based on The Motorola MC68000 Microprocessor“. Here, I wrote an MC68000 assembly language program to control the hardware (pre-designed by the supervisor) so that the hardware behaves as an alarm clock.

This work marked my conversion from a physicist to a computer engineer and my migration from Physics to Computer Engineering . My subsequent projects were also on programmable logic.

My Computer Science M.Sc Dissertation was on “The Design of a High-Speed Sorter“. I designed a hardware sorter, based on the Altera Programmable Logic.

My Electronic Systems Engineering Ph.D Thesis was on “The Application of Architectural Synthesis to the Reconfiguration of FPGA-based Special-purpose Hardware”. Here, I wrote a GNU C program to act as a hardware compiler targetted to the Xilinx 4000 family of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays.

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Professor, Gadjah Mada University, and Chairman of BAPETEN (Indonesia Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency)